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I'm a Geordie living in Birmingham, and, after a year and a half, people still laugh at the way I say film.

Friday, 29 January 2010

Blog this you motherbloggers

Said Rose while giving Kirk and I the finger. She'll probably not read this though so blog off Rose, you massive dickhead.

Well, new blog, new book to read. Simon Armitage's All Points North, and 12 pages in it's enjoyable. A story of the North, of Yorkshire and Manchester, football, work, education, told with the inherent wit which comes with us northerners.

As Gripping as the book is, I'm about to embark on Prison Break, series one. My brother absolutely raves about it so it better be good. Look back on here in a few days for a short bit of writing from class the other day, it might just be enjoyable.

Stay safe

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Mathew Frost's blog is so totally suspended above water...

...and shit.

This quote was uttered many a time last night as the drinks were flowing. Free gig at The Flapper it was, saw a great new band called Talons. You should check them out. You too. But maybe not you. As well as some good music, the night led to an epic plan for the day ahead, which is, as the smarter among you will have worked out, today. A plan so simple, it couldn't fail...

Wake up. Brew. Fry up. Soccer Saturday wit Jeff Stelling, Chris Kamara and friends. Have some drinks. Hit up Stitch in Mosely.

We've yet to drink, and we're not decided on Mosely, but the fry up was epic. I really want to go to Moseley tonight, it's a motown and 60's soul night on at the Cross, and I've not found many motown and 60's nights since the move, so I'd like to go, but it's whether we actually feel up to it later, as last night was a heavy one. 

One weird thing. My dream actually came true this morning. I dreamt that my Scott Pilgrim book had been delivered, and, lo and behold, this morning it was here, in the house. Maybe tonight I'll dream that the postman delivered a girl my age who's in to good music, fifa, and is a bit of a geek. We can all dream.

Stay Safe

Friday, 22 January 2010

Birmingham City's Got Talent and other topical stuff

Yes, thats right, BCU's got talent kicked off again last night, and I was hosting. As I will be for the following 8 weeks. It was a little nerve wracking, but hopefully I'll settle into this presenting malarky in the next few weeks. I will be missing one week though, as I'll be making a pilgrimage back North to Newcastle to see the one and only EUROPE! There'll be 'Danger On The Tracks' as I travel home, and each minute will feel like 'The Final Countdown' to the gig!

Cheesy I know, but it had to be done. I'd kick myself if I hadn't.

Back to the gigs, and I think I might take this opportunity to try out some more topical stuff. I'm not great at topical, it took me 3 weeks to write a swine flu joke, I was pig sick by that time.
But seriously, I'll try. Like this week, Amy Winehouse was in the papers again after abusing and attacking a stage manager at a panto. I heard he only asked her to help out because the two blokes who do the horse were ill, and well, just look at her. She's perfect.

Good or bad? Let me know.

Stay Safe

Thursday, 21 January 2010

Sushi, Sake and Good Times

Good evening readers. Today I tried sushi for the first time, and, to my surprise, I enjoyed the stuff. Had some raw prawn stuff, was good, followed by dumplings and noodles. Result. Cap that off with a small bottle of 13.5% sake and you've got an afternoon on your hands. 
Back to tonight, and Birmingham City's Got Talent begins tomorrow and I'm hosting, and to be honest, I'm a bit vague about the whole thing. I'm not sure whether I'm doing comedy, or just pandering to the gathered masses. Either way I predict few laughs, and possible a lone clap which resonates like a nail being hammered into my comedy coffin.

There's an idea. Comedy coffins. Just imagine, paying respects to your loved one when BAM! Their pocket flower sprays your face with water! Doused from beyond the grave! Forever remember the ones you've lost with a sense of humor.

That took a strange diversion there. Hope you enjoyed.]

Stay Safe

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

For everything you never want to know about Mathew Frost

So here it is. Blog entry number one. A strange thing to be doing at 01:20 on a Wednesday, but thats what happens when you're a student. So I suppose you can check back here (often, if you wish) for any information on up coming gigs, maybe some short stories, some rants and some witticisms, there'll be something for everyone. Which probably no one will ever read. Enjoy.

Stay safe

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